Spiritual Formation

8-part series:

P1 – Giving Thanks

P2 – Practising Silence

P3 – Praying with Lectio Divina

P4 – Reviewing the Day

P5 – Spiritual Journaling

P6 – Meditating on Nature

P7 – Developing a Rule of Life

P8 – Silent Retreat

Spiritual Formation (Part 1) – Giving Thanks

Learn to cultivate a lifestyle of giving thanks to God for His goodness daily in every circumstance.

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Spiritual Formation (Part 2) – Practising Silence

Silence is a spiritual discipline where one attends and listens to God in stillness for a period of time, without interruption.

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Spiritual Formation (Part 3) – Praying With Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina (Latin for “Divine Reading”) is a meditative and contemplative way of interacting with God’s Word that helps us to be more present and attentive to God. The regular practice of ruminating on God’s Word and intimate conversation with God will bring about growth in us as we learn to respond with trust in God in our daily life.

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Spiritual Formation (Part 4) – Reviewing the Day

Having a prayerful review of the day will help us to be more aware of God at work in our day and discern His direction for us.

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Spiritual Formation (Part 5) – Spiritual Journaling

A tool for Christian growth where we record our spiritual exercises – the awareness of God’s presence and grace in our daily life, our self-awareness, discernment of God’s direction for us and our response to Him.

Download Part 5 Outline

Spiritual Formation (Part 6) – Meditating On Nature

Visio Divina, holy seeing, is a way to pray with the eyes.” ~ Adele Calhoun

God’s creation is a visual book where we observe His creation with our eyes and appreciate His handiwork. Regular meditation on nature, the book of God’s creation, grants us appreciation of the beauty of the earth and glory of the skies, awareness of God’s presence, love and care for God’s creation and ability to accept all that life give us with a thankful heart.

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Spiritual Formation (Part 7) – Developing A Rule Of Life

A rule of life is a rhythm in our daily life; it is a tool that helps us live our life in God and grow in Him.

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Spiritual Formation (Part 8) – Silent Retreat

Set aside time to be with God alone, to listen to Him, for renewal and growth. Here is a guide for a half-day retreat.

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