Overview on Apostles' Creed

Virtual seminar via Zoom by
Rev Dr Edmund Fong
Talk held on 11 September 2021

The Apostles’ Creed could arguably be said to be one of the earliest creedal statements spelling out the Christian faith as held by the Church. Yet what is its relation to the Bible? Is it still needed today and what use does it have in our reading of the Bible?

In this webinar we will:

i) trace the origins of the Apostles’ Creed from its predecessor Rule of Faith held by the Early Church;

ii) explore the relation of its content to the Bible’s storyline, and;

iii) show why creeds (and on a broader note, confessions) are still important today.

Articles for reading before Q&A session:
Why Creeds and Confessions are Important
Why Creeds and Confessions are Less Important [than Scriptures]