Allison Yap was involved in PSPC’s Ministry Exposure Training (MET) which is a short-term internship for youth and young adults who are in-between school terms or waiting for NS enlistment, etc.  In this article, she shares her reflections and learning.


My name is Allison Yap and I’m turning 18 this year.  I study Communication Design at Temasek Polytechnic and my CCA in school is aikido.  I attend the 8:45am service as well as Prinsep Lighthouse.  I joined Ministry Exposure Training (MET) from 05 March - 14 April 2018.  My objective in joining MET is to be exposed to the various ministries in church during my one-and-a-half-month semester break.  Most of all, I wanted to perceive how design and the church ministry can work hand in hand.


Something that stood out to me while I was trying to understand ministry work is that it is crucial to have patience and trust in God.  Sometimes when we try to achieve a difficult goal, there is temptation to give in and try an easier way or a way that will bring quicker results.  But we must resist this temptation, knowing that the word of God is eternally true.  If we follow God’s path, we can be eternally sure that God will honor us.


I’ve learnt that ministry work is a privilege of calling, and that we should respond faithfully and joyfully.  Ministry involvement revolves around identifying with people, be it the congregants in church, the kids in BB and GB or the elderly etc.  There is a sort of compassion we need for this identification.  It involves softening and humbling our hearts, and prayerfully responding to any type of situation.


Personally, I felt that the one and a half months I spent being exposed to the different ministries in our church has been really enriching.  I would say that this whole experience has surely made an impact on me.  This was especially so when I visited the old folks in SSAC (Sarah Seniors’ Activity Centre).  It not only opened my eyes but my heart as well.  One of the elderly men made a comment “每当我看到你们基督教徒,就有兄弟姐妹的感觉, 充满爱心” (Whenever I see you Christians, I get the feeling of brothers and sisters, there is full of love).  It’s a pleasure to be able to show the love that God first shown us.  Like any other ministry, like any other child of God, when we serve, we serve with the heart of God.

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