2018-05-25 18:58

“Building a community of godly women, rooted in the word of God and equipped to worship and serve Him actively.”


Serving in the Ladies’ Ministry (LM) for the past 11 years has taught me to rely on God’s providence and have confidence in His assurances.  As a homemaker, it was a big challenge for me to assume the role as Chairlady 4 years after joining the committee because administrative matters and events planning were alien to me.  To be honest, I know where one can find the freshest fish in Serangoon or how to organize a reunion dinner seamlessly but finding an event speaker or putting together a ministry report were like learning a new language.  Thankfully, God assured me time and again that He will lead the way, as it is written in Joshua 1:6, “As I am with Moses, I will be with you.”


Amongst a few annual activities, the highlight of the Ladies’ Ministry calendar is the Ladies’ Evangelistic High Tea, a casual afternoon filled with food, fun and fellowship to create a casual and inviting setting for members and their friends to join us.  Although we plan this every year, we still face challenges such as finding a suitable speaker who is able to engage believers and non-believers alike, while speaking on a topic aligned to the church theme. These days, people do not lack weekend entertainment options, so finding a good relevant topic or theme is very important.  Thankfully, we do see many new faces during our High Teas and guests have expressed that they want to know more about God and some members came forward to serve in church ministry.


The Ladies’ Ministry also holds cooking lessons by our very own church member.  Participants learn to cook nutritious meals made simple for busy ladies, from Chinese New Year specialties to rice-dumpling to 1-pot wonders. Surprisingly, this simple event has given us an opportunity to reach out to many, including the domestic helpers whom we may not have met otherwise. During these lessons, we learn, laugh and eat together - a great chance for everyone to know one another better.  This event has stirred their passion to learn and try cooking.  Cooking nutritious and tasty meals is also a way we can serve our families.


God’s biggest assurance to me came after two years serving in the ministry as Chairlady.  My mother had a bad fall.  I expected myself to be very stressed because I was her primary caregiver, providing 24 hours assistance.  To my surprise, God gave me an innate sense of peace and all the energy I needed to care for my mum without compromising the duties as Chairlady.  Serving in LM has given me joy, peace and comfort knowing that God is with me.  If I were to summarise my learnings from the past 11 years to just 2 points, I would start by saying that food is truly the secret to bringing people together, as evidenced by the results of our High Tea and Cooking lessons. Secondly, if God can use me, a person with no leadership experience, to lead a team to plan events that serve our congregation, I believe that anyone can do the same if they heed His calling and trust in His ways.  Often, we are willing to serve in the background but shy away from leading - if God is prompting you, just trust and obey.


As I am with Moses, I will be with you.” (Joshua 1:6)

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