Weekly Reflections

2018-03-23 21:14

Hello everyone!  I am David.  In this sharing, I will write about my experiences in the YACHT Ministry.  I will first give a brief introduction to this ministry, and then I will share how serving here has led me to greater joy.  Lastly, I want to have a word to those young adults out there!


Firstly, YACHT is a ministry for young adults aged 18-25 years old.  Our aim is twofold: Young adults to be deeply rooted in the Word, and equipped to engage the World.  To that end, we grow in our doctrine, passion, and practice.  We meet every Saturday at 4pm in the Upper Room (Level 3).


As for me, I serve as a Discipleship Group (DG) leader, as well as a member of the Worship Team and Leadership Committee.


As a DG leader, it is always challenging to prepare beforehand and to get the group discussing, but I experience much joy when I see others learning the Word.  This really humbles me, as I know it’s not my work, but the work of the Holy Spirit through me, and yet it also lifts me up in thanksgiving, as I see the Spirit doing His illuminating work in His people.


As a member of the worship team, I’m so glad that I get to use my God-given talents for the edification of others.  Knowing that such gifts are for the building up of the church, I get to see that being played out in real life.  Getting encouragements from my fellow members is really uplifting as well!


I’m also thankful to God for the opportunity to serve in the YACHT leadership team alongside other brothers and sisters.  In this team, I can contribute to the planning of ministry events, and it really helps me see the bigger picture of all the needs of the ministry, and how it fits into the larger work of the church.  It gives me great satisfaction when I see the plans coming together and when we work as a team to make the plans happen successfully.  But ultimately, I believe the greatest joy in service is when others get impacted through your ministry, no matter how small it is.  It is in that way that you will know that God is using you, and you have no ample cause to boast because you know it was ultimately not because of your skill, but the Holy Spirit doing His work through you.


Lastly, I want to say something to those who identify themselves as young adults who are reading this: May I extend my sincere invitation to you to join this ministry? Why? Three reasons.


Firstly, you will experience the joy of community.  John Piper says, “One of my first questions in dealing with a joyless saint is, ‘Are you in a small group of believers who care for each other and pray for each other, and consider how to stir another up to love?’ Usually the answer is no.”  I have met too many young Christians who hide their struggles and feel very alone.  Honestly, one of the main solutions is not “too bad – just deal with it”, but to immerse yourself in a community.


Secondly, you will grow a lot!  Again, I met many who share that they want to grow in godliness.  One of the main ways you do that is to be in a community.


Lastly, the Gospel.  Due to sin, we became isolated from one another.  But because of the work of Christ, He has now restored and joined us together.  If that is the case, why do we still isolate ourselves from community?  We used to be alone, but now Christ has redeemed us to be in a community – but we say “Nah, I’d rather stay alone.  I can do the Christian life myself!”


Overall, I know that God has called us into community, and given us gifts to serve His people.  May we truly be Young Adults Coming Here Together (YACHT).  May we walk in this reality for His glory!




Additional point by Rev Darryl Chan: In my sermon on Ecclesiastes 12:1-8 on 18 March, I said that we must help our young people to remember their Creator in the days of their youth.  The YACHT Ministry plays a crucial role in this regard especially because of the need for guidance, fellowship and support for the many life transitions during the young adult years.  My prayer is that youths and youth adults take this to heart.  Amen.

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