Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church observes Reformation Sunday on the last Sunday of October. It was on 31 October 1517 that Martin Luther posted on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg his 95 theses against the practices of the Roman Catholic Church. That historic event sparked off the Protestant Reformation.
On this Reformation Sunday, the Presbyterian Historical Society of the Presbyterian Church (USA) commemorates John Calvin who transformed the city of Geneva socially, culturally and spiritually through the teaching and implementation of Reformation doctrines. Emphasizing the sovereignty of God on one hand and leading in social concern on the other hand, Calvin’s Geneva became a shelter and refuge for many refugees in a turbulent era. May PSPC be enriched by our theological heritage and be empowered in our outreach and social concern in Singapore and beyond.
This litany for Reformation Sunday featured the 5 foundational doctrines of the Protestant Reformation. Confessional documents such as the Westminster Confession and the Heidelberg Catechism also became important standards for the Reformed tradition. As we observe Reformation Sunday, may it be our prayer that we will truly be “Reformed and always being reformed by God’s Word and His Spirit”.
Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 15:45