Zoom Prayer Meeting for Bui Community

31 Jul 2021, 10am - 11:30am

The Bui people (code name) live in the mountainous northern region of Thailand. Most practise a mix of animism and Buddhism, with only a handful of Christians. The Bui project would provide the first Scriptures for the Bui people, a least reached people group without a written language. A complete panorama of stories from the Old and New Testament to help the Bui people get an overview of the story of redemption in their own language has been completed and uploaded into an App. Literacy and written Bible translation began in 2019/20. PSPC has been supporting the work there since 2016 and we had sent short-term trippers there from 2017-2019. Due to the pandemic, short-term trips are no longer possible until further notice.
A Zoom prayer meeting is scheduled to introduce PSPC congregants to this mission field, interact with the long-term missionaries on the ground and to pray for the Bui people and ministry and with the missionaries. All are welcome! Come and learn about this people group and pray alongside the missionaries who will share their ministry with us.

  1. Date: 31 July (Saturday)
  2. Time: 10am - 11.30am

For security reasons, you will need to register with Eld Justin Lee. Please provide your full name, email address and mobile contact as screening is needed before the Zoom link is sent to you and to admit you to the Zoom prayer meeting.

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