1 Jan 2021

With Phase 3 reopening from 28 December 2020, PSPC will make the next transition to further resume onsite congregational gathering with effect from 3 January 2021. Please take special notice of the new updates in bold.

  1. From 3 January 2021 onwards, PSPC will allow 100 congregants to gather onsite in the Sanctuary (Level 1) in 2 zones of 50 congregants for the 8:45am English service. The service will continue to be livestreamed for at-home congregants.

  2. Congregants who wish to gather onsite to attend the 8:45am English service are to book their Sunday slot via the PSPC website ( on a first-come-first-serve basis. Congregants are requested not to book consecutive Sundays so that other congregants may have the opportunity to attend as well. However, any remaining slots on Saturday may be booked again by those who had attended on the previous Sunday. To ensure compliance with prevailing safe management measures, only congregants who have booked their slots for that Sunday will be admitted.

  3. There will be no parking space in the church premises. The courtyards are reserved for the worship team and duty personnel. All congregants must enter the church premises via the courtyard on the side of the caretaker’s room to take their temperature using the automatic temperature scanners and register using SafeEntry app. PSPC will announce when we will implement the scanning of TraceTogether tokens/app.

  4. Congregants will be seated apart for safe distancing with their masks put on at all times.
    Congregants from different zones – who will be given different coloured stickers – will not be allowed to cross-mingle. Under Phase 3 safe management measures, only the speakers and up to 5 singers are allowed to unmask to speak or sing. Congregational singing is still not permitted, but verbal responses are allowed.

  5. Congregants are encouraged to continue to present their offerings via e-giving methods. However, onsite congregants may also present their offerings by placing them into the offering bags which will only be handled by designated personnel.

  6. After the service, the congregation will be dismissed immediately zone by zone. There will be no coffee, tea or breakfast in the Fellowship Hall. Congregants are requested to leave the church premises as soon as possible via the exit passageway at the other courtyard.

  7. To manage the number of onsite congregants and to prevent cross-mingling, the Sunday School and Prinsep Lighthouse will continue to be conducted via online platforms until further notice.

  8. The 11am Mandarin service will not resume onsite congregational gathering yet but will continue to be livestreamed until further notice.

(27 December 2020)

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