1 Nov 2020

A. Preamble

This communique sets out PSPC’s resuming of onsite congregational gathering from 1 November 2020 because of (1) National Posture – Daily local community cases have dropped to single-digit figure; (2) Transitional Readiness – PSPC had transited from pre-recorded to livestreamed services and stabilized our livestream quality; and (3) Forward Planning – To finetune our processes to prepare for further lifting of control measures.

B. Onsite Congregational Gathering for Livestreamed Service

  1. Onsite Livestreamed Service in the Upper Room – The prevailing MCCY advisory for religious organisations allows 100 people to gather onsite (2 zones of 50 people each) but without live singing. The people in the 2 zones are not allowed to cross-mingle.

    From 1 November 2020, PSPC will open 1 zone in the Upper Room at level 3 for a maximum of 40 people with safe distancing to participate in the livestreamed 8:45am English service. The Sanctuary will not be accessible to congregants yet because it is used for livestreaming with live singing. We will monitor MCCY advisory and congregational response before making further transitions.

  2. Booking Website – Congregants who wish to attend the livestreamed service in the Upper Room are to book their Sunday slot via the PSPC website ( on a first-come-first-serve basis. Congregants are requested not to book consecutive Sundays so that other congregants may have the opportunity to attend as well. However, any remaining slots on Saturday may be booked again by those who had attended on the previous Sunday.
  3. Safe Management Plan – Congregants are requested to comply with the following safe management measures:

    - All congregants must enter the church premises via the courtyard on the side of the caretaker’s room to take their temperature using the automatic temperature scanners, register using SafeEntry app and sanitize their hands. To ensure compliance with prevailing control measures, only congregants who have booked their slots for that Sunday will be admitted.

    - There will be no parking space in the church premises. The courtyards are reserved for the worship team and duty personnel.

    - In the Upper Room, congregants will be seated apart for safe distancing and with their masks put on at all times. Congregational singing is not allowed, but congregants may give verbal responses.

    - The livestreamed service uses PowerPoint slides. Pew Bibles and hymnals will not be used.

    - Congregants are encouraged to continue to present their offerings via e-giving methods. However, onsite congregants may also present their offerings by placing them into the offering bags which will only be handled by designated personnel.

    - After the service, the congregation will be dismissed immediately. There will be no coffee, tea or breakfast in the Fellowship Hall. Congregants are requested to leave the church premises as soon as possible via the exit passageway at the other courtyard.

  4. Generational and Other Ministries – To manage the number of onsite congregants and to prevent cross-mingling, the Sunday School, Prinsep Lighthouse and other Sunday ministries will continue to be conducted via online platforms. The Infants’ Room and Toddlers’ Room will remain closed as well.
  5. Holy Communion – Livestreamed Holy Communion will continue on the first Sunday of the month. However, Holy Communion using pre-packed elements will be conducted for onsite congregants on every Sunday in the month of November. This special arrangement is to minister to those digitally disconnected congregants who wish to gather onsite. The Pastoral Team will notify them of this latest development and help them make the necessary bookings.

C. Conclusion

PSPC’s announcement of the resuming of onsite congregational gathering on this Reformation Sunday connects us once again to our denominational motto of the church being “Reformed and always being reformed by God’s Word and His Spirit”. PSPC celebrated our 177th church anniversary recalling how God – through His Word and Spirit – sustained this congregation through the colonial years, the war years, the early years of nation building and even previous pandemics. As PSPC resumes onsite congregational gathering, may God’s Word and Spirit continue to mold, sustain and reform us. Amen.

Rev Darryl Chan
PSPC Elders and Deacons Court
With Pastoral and Admin Team
Reformation Sunday
25 October 2020

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