22 Aug 2021, 8.45am

A. Preamble

MCCY has issued the advisory for how religious organisations can transit out of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) towards the Covid Resilience new normal. This communique explains PSPC’s reopening posture and stipulates instructions for how congregants can resume onsite gathering.

    B. Reopening Posture

    PSPC’s reopening posture is guided by the following 3 key considerations:

  1. The Protection of Non-Vaccinated Congregants

    In line with the national posture to protect non-vaccinated people, PSPC will reopen onsite gathering only for fully vaccinated congregants and duty personnel. A person is considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after he/she has received the full regimen (2 doses) of the Pfizer-BioNTech/ Comirnaty, Moderna, or WHO Emergency Use Listing vaccines (e.g. Sinovac). A green tick in the TraceTogether App denotes that the person has completed the full regimen and is fully vaccinated.

  2. The Circumvention of ART Requirement

    The advisory requires those who are unmasked to sing (e.g. Worship Leaders, Cantors, Back-up Singers) to undergo Antigen Rapid Test (ART) if there are congregants seated in the Sanctuary. The ART must be conducted at MOH approved clinics or test providers; self-test kits are not valid. Furthermore, the ART must be taken on Saturday morning as the test result only has 24-hour validity.

    Therefore, in order to relieve our worship teams from having to be subjected to this additional ART requirement, we will seat the congregants in the Upper Room so that the worship teams can continue to livestream in the Sanctuary without ART.

  3. The Resumption of Onsite Congregation

    With the increase in national vaccination rate, Singapore will progressively transit towards the Covid Resilience new normal where we shall see further lifting of measures and possible adjustments to the ART requirement. In the meanwhile, PSPC wishes to allow fully vaccinated congregants to be able to gather onsite for the 8:45am English service, albeit in the Upper Room (Level 3). The Sunday School and Prinsep Lighthouse will continue online until further notice. The 11am Mandarin service will also remain fully livestreamed without onsite gathering until further lifting of measures.

    C. Reopening Instructions

    Therefore, from 29 August 2021 onwards, the 8:45am English service will resume onsite gathering for fully vaccinated congregants to be seated in the Upper Room (Level 3) (1 zone for 40 people). Depending on congregational attendance, the Conference Room (Level 1) can also be opened (1 zone for 20 people) on subsequent weeks.

  1. Registration and Declaration

    Congregants who wish to gather onsite are to register for their seats at our church website ( and declare that they are fully vaccinated. Our registration system has already been updated with new instructions, so congregants who had made prior bookings are requested to register again.

  2. Arrival and Check-In

    Upon arrival, congregants are to check-in using their TraceTogether Apps or Tokens so that the SafeEntry scanner can detect their vaccination status.

    Congregants who drive are requested to park at nearby carparks. PSPC’s main courtyard is reserved for duty personnel; the side courtyard is out of bounds due to the repair of the boundary wall.

  3. Safe Management Measures

    After check-in, congregants will proceed to the Upper Room (Level 3) or any other zones that are opened up in the future. Please remain masked at all times. Congregational singing is still not allowed; only verbal responses can be made.

  4. Dismissal and Check-Out

    Congregants will be dismissed zone by zone via the exit at the side courtyard. Please be reminded to check-out using the SafeEntry scanner along the exit route. Please refrain from gathering in large groups outside the church premises.

  5. D. Non-Vaccinated Congregants

    Congregants who are not yet vaccinated but wish to gather onsite are urged to be vaccinated as soon as possible. PSPC remains committed in our congregational care for those who cannot gather onsite because they are unable to be vaccinated for various reasons. The Pastoral Team is fully vaccinated and can visit these congregants in their homes if they need pastoral attention. Please kindly inform the Pastoral Team via Pr Dawn Tan (; 6337 0595).

    E. Enquiries

    Congregants who have any questions may contact Aldran Wong (Pastoral Advisor for Worship Committee) .

    Rev Darryl Chan With EDC, Pastoral and Admin Team 22 August 2021

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