A 4-Week Meditation on Nature

Learn to cultivate the spiritual discipline of “Meditation on Nature”.
Register by 28 September 2020.
1 Oct 2020

This is a 4-week exercise to cultivate the spiritual discipline of “Meditation on Nature”. Look at the world around you. What captures your attention? What does it say about God, His character, His creation, yourself and the people around you? Does any Scripture verse come to your mind?

Using Whatsapp chatgroup, participants may send a weekly photography and meditation on nature using the practice of “Visio Divina” which consists of silence, gaze, reflect, respond and remember. You may watch Part 6 of the Spiritual Formation Series on “Meditating on Nature” for an explanation on the practice of “Visio Divina”.

The maximum group size is 10 people. For enquiries and registration, please contact Pr Dawn Tan by 28 September.

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